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“Everyone wants to eat but few are willing to hunt”

The rap game has to be the hardest industry to be successful in. There is not only an endless supply of competition but there are also dangerous roads and obstacles at every turn. What could be a more rewarding industry to be in? To climb the ranks of the millions all intent on achieving the same goal and go beyond what anyone would ever expect is a dream for many but a reality for few. How does one create this reality?

An artist that has consistently created content that would move into new regions and help propel himself into the upper echelons of the hip hop scene is Kraft. This artist has a track titled “Rookie of The Year” and it is apt due to the fact that his hustle matches his ability. To be able to pour one’s creative vision into their work and then use the right avenues to push his product to the people is a unique ability that is envied by many and exhibited very seldom.

The southwest has a genuine opportunity to create a whole new lane and people like Kraft will be at the forefront. Listen, watch and see how this artist takes on the hip hop scene and creates a whole new lane of success for himself! Follow the man by clicking his name throughout the article and as always, like, share, and comment!

Also check out the latest single “Gotta Get It” which was just released March 4th!

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RTU with all the Southwest coverage!!


Apr 05, 2020

Ayeee!! I appreciate you! 🙏 If you guys like the song be sure to to download it by going to your preferred streaming platform and search Rookie Of The Year Kraft. You can also find me on IG ,Facebook, and TikTok @KraftMuzic. Much love in advance to anyone rockin with me. Its nothing but a dream without support 🙏💯💯

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