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The feeling of completion is non-existent for an artist. The creative spirit is found, granted, or gifted to an individual at whatever age and it stays. A symbiotic relationship between the spirit and the vessel. Some artists manage to become one with that feeling/spirit and others dance with it their entire lives. For such an artist that spirit is on their mind during waking hours, during menial tasks it can hi-jack the brain, during sleep it can overtake dreams and the constant pressure to create sits aching and tugging at the heart and mind until new creations are put into existence.

RoachKxng seemingly has that dance and connectedness to the spirit of creation. He is one part of artist group Vagabond Mafia which has had critical acclaim in the southwest and has been noticed by publications such as Earmilk and The Source. His creative path showcases his range with Vagabond Mafia and through his own personal creations. His latest creation is a two single project featuring Jeffrey Misfit from Vagabond along with two new names Mitchie Brusko and Aize. The music is comparatively different than Vagabond Mafia's multi-genre fusion dance of indie rock/punk meets hip hop/soul. This two pack is unadulterated hip hop with hype beats and catchy hooks that makes for music that is lasting. The lyrical content and flow from each feature and verse on the tracks is something of radio ready environments and are underground bangers each. RoachKxng showcases his lyrical prowess and production ability once again. His creations are further cementing his name into the Southwest's list of notable names.

Check out the two tracks below and feel free to follow him on Instagram by clicking below!

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