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Ride my Wave

The Southwest music scene is a constant flux of artists who challenge the existing construct and those who lean into it. The existing southwest music scene may have a new generation of artists who are pushing it in one direction but there is still love for the generation that brings the aspects of the golden era back to life. The appreciation for bars, lyricism a specific type of production brings this type of music out from artists. The track is Ride My Wave by Genevieve Zamora and her singing and rhymes together bring a solid feel to the music. The feature from DJ No Kaos Summerrville is something that ads to the strength of the song.

You can hear the provocative tone in the singer/rappers voice and it really adds to the flavor of the track. The production doesn't keep you waiting for long to start in with the entire beat and when it does Genevieve is already putting up some solid lyrical expression. The female emcee and the male emcee have a good blend of energy and create a track that has a nice replay value. Check out the music here!

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