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Rick Ross Speaks About Nipsey Hussle And His Legacy.

Rick Ross recently spoke about the impact of the late Nipsey Hussle in an interview. He described Nip as “next level” and carries the faith that its up to all of us to carry on the legacy Nipsey created.

"I couldn’t fathom it and I’ve been a fan of his since, I want to say ’09,” he said in the interview. “I knew he had a purpose and I knew he understood he had a purpose, and I knew he understood he was in position to speak for a lot of people that couldn’t speak for themselves. And me looking for an artist, that’s one of the first things I look for. You could be dope, you could be fly, you could have whatever it is. Whatever it is, but do you understand your purpose? And that’s something that when I think back to early Meek Mill when we did that ‘Tupac Back’ record. In no way was I saying he was Tupac, but I just seen the struggles that he was dealing with and he was facing. And I just wanted to put him in that light and a lot of people see that now.”

Rick Ross also spoke about how impressed he was with the way Nipsey was able to maintain success in multiple places. “And just to know Nipsey's vision and to see what he was doing, in those conversations we always had him being an entrepreneur, him being a father, him being a leader, you know what I’m saying? He understood his position, and so we got to make sure we continue to celebrate homie purpose. And me just being able to collaborate on that record, ‘Rich Nigga Lifestyle,’ which once again is talking about the longevity and understanding the sacrifices you have to make to make it to that upper echelon, baby.”

“Rich Nigga Lifestyle” featuring Nipsey is one of 15 tracks included on Port Of Miami 2. Meek Mill, Drake and YFN Lucci are among the many artists to contribute to the anticipated release.

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