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Respect The VOTE

With the the second presidential debate tomorrow 10-15-2020. I’d like to take the time to remind you all if you haven’t yet to register or check your registration to vote. With the thought that in Hip-Hop we are not individuals we are the most influential culture world wide. 14 million Americans have turned 18 and became eligible to vote since the last election. We need to remember to pass down that out voice matters. In 2016 there were 100 million eligible Americans who did not vote in our country. But 2020 will be the largest voting bloc ages of 24-39. It’s up to us to educate and mandate the change for our people.

Between music, sports, media, and attention ages all over and in between. I personally believe the thought of United We Stand Together We Change will be the most prominent then has been in history of ethnic culture in general. The popular street brand SUPREME dropped their Vote sticker collection this year. Which is in the picture above. You can scan it with your camera phone and register to vote now. Making it easy for everyone around to be in their own comfort and still register to vote. With other supporters like COMPLEX #pullupandvote and #rockthevote having popular hashtags drawings all ages into the popularity of education.

Last but not least with 7.45 million views watching the NBA finals 2020. Between Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat. The finals and semi-finals were surround with messages of #blacklivesmatter and #vote The LA Lakers star player and most valuable player LeBron James founded a organization with help from other NBA ans WNBA players Damian Lillard, Skylar Diggins-Smith, Natasha Cloud, and Draymond Green. The More The A Vote organization was started to give a voice to the voter suppression in black communities. Which paid fees of former incarcerated people in Florida so they can register to vote.

So be like your favorite artist, writer, player, and voice and use your own register to vote today and don’t forget to watch the second presidential debate tomorrow.

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