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Rap Is Not Rocket Science: Hanzo The Phantom Would Know

Last week, Hanzo The Phantom released his newest single, “French Inhale”, featuring Ariel Saree and Dante ThatGuy

“I was working with an artist in Seattle by the name Kye back in 2015,” Hanzo said. “We fell out and the project got kinda lost in the vault. I decided to revamp the project and go my own direction with it.”

At first, there were no real lyrics behind the Dreamlife Beats instrumental, but Kye began to develop the first version of the melody.  ”We intended to make it happen. It just never happened,” Hanzo shared. When he revisited the project, he expanded the hook and Ariel Saree helped bring it to life. “I knew this track had to have the Koolest dude I know, Dante ThatGuy from Koolrz Fooly. His voice is the absolute best.”

“I reached out to Kye and we came back to a great place in our relationship,” Hanzo revealed. “She gave me her blessing to use anything we did back then in faith and love. So I definitely want to give a big shout out to her energy and love.”

Hanzo the Phantom was born as Chris Ennis in Denver, Colorado to a family of talented musicians. Unlike his family, Hanzo never found a love for any particular instrument and instead, developed a talent for poetry and song writing.

In high school, he cultivated production skills in film and music. At his church, he refined his techniques in audio/visual engineering. He seemed to excel at everything, including his academic pursuits.  At age sixteen, he graduated from The Denver School of Science & Technology and then continued his education at Tuskegee University to study Aerospace Science and Engineering. He diligently wrote songs all throughout college and realized, after years of keeping his music a secret, that he needed the creative outlet.

When Hanzo graduated with his Bachelor of Science (cum laude) in 2014, he relocated to Seattle, WA, to begin his career in the aerospace engineering industry. He achieved his goals outside of music, but up until that point, h never put that same passion behind his love for music. He eventually started Trackyon Music and Entertainment, LLC and cemented his new path. 

Since then, Hanzo The Phantom continues to break new ground in his artistry.  From Denver, to Seattle, to Los Angeles, he aims to affect the lives of everyone he comes into contact with. Click below to listen to “French Inhale”, now available to stream and download everywhere!

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