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Rah debuts with unique first single “YNFWM”

Do you want something aggressive in your Hip Hop? Do you crave a sound that breaks thru the cacophony of ultra mellow vibes from the current wave? If that’s a yes to either question then you need to check out Rah and his song “YNFWM”. The instrumental feels inspired by industrial bands like Tool and but gives a UK grime and Tyler. The Creator spin to it. It’s eerie but hype inducing.

Rah doesn’t let the beat do all the showing off. The bars have internal rhymes, multiple syllables and metaphors woven throughout the entire song. With no one on the track but himself it’s a full demonstration of his lyrical prowess and his delivery is incisive with a sotto voce whisper. The three verses get better as they go and end with the most driven and motivated bars. When Rah says “Imma get that, I am that!”, you believe it. The hook ends the song with emphasis on the notion that Rah claims he is not to be messed with and it’s hard to argue against it.

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