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R&B HYPE OVERVIEW: Tory Lanez, Usher, & Frank Ocean

With all anticipation of new albums, singles, and tours lets take it down with some hiphop & R&B music. With teasers being posted, tweets being made and song previews we are now waiting patently for new music from Tory Lanez, Usher, and Frank Ocean. Tory Lanez last ChixTape 5 is still in high rotation from 2019. On February 24, 2020 Tory posted a tweet advising fans of a “Toronto 3” tape to be released next month. Well also saying “I haven’t dropped the music that I really wanted to in the past 4 years” this will be his last project and the end of his deal with Interscope Records.

With Frank Ocean being ghost after his popular and reviling 2016 BLONDE album. Fans have been wondering where is Frank Ocean. Well he’s back with a new forthcoming album “7” that’s already available for preorder. With hype about the single he promised “lil Demon” pushed back. after he posted that the song will be on the album but he will be releasing a new unreleased song instead. In which he also told fans will only be released on vinyl.

Now last but not least the R&B veteran Mr. Usher Raymond performed live at the Cricket Lounge. He gives a exclusive preview performance while saying we can be expecting a Confessions 3 album. But this time “ it wasn’t my confession that made confessions 3, she has something to tell me.” Hinting that this confession maybe from the woman’s point of view. With the snippet of a song on the album he’s speaks about a few things that has people stirred up. Wondering if it’s a pregnancy story again or if it had anything o do with the allegations he faced. Either way I think I speak for us all it nice to hear a new chapter to the story.

Will all three of these highly followed men that have a fine mixture of the meaning hiphop and R&B. I’m wondering which one of these will be the most anticipated. A Confessions 3, a BLONDED vinyl, or a Toranto 3. Im excited and eager to hear the sounds of all three artists. In the past we can hear surprise sounds from all corners. We will all wait patiently as we see who really takes the hype! Who are you anticipating most? Together we trust the process while I bring u the hype LenorMunster

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