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Pusha T Might Have Seen The Drake Interview

Pusha T didnt mention Drake by name but it’s not hard to read between the lines.

On the 31st Of December Pusha T posted a tweet with a series of “haha’s”, making fans believe he’d seen Drake’s recent interview with Rap Radar.

During the interview Drake said he had no desire to make peace with Pusha following the 2018 diss track “The Story Of Adidon”

“I have no desire to mend anything with that person,” he said. “That situation just went where it went, and there is no turning back. It’s not like those other situations that you mention. I’ll say this: I tip my hat to the chess move. I mean, it was a genius play in the game of chess and warranted my first quote-unquote, you know, loss in the competitive sport of rapping — by choice, obviously, because I bowed out after realizing that the gap between us allowed him to drop a bomb on the world.”

Do you think Pusha T is directing his tweet towards Drake or are the fans reading too much into this?

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