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"Tell Em What You Want"

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"Protagonist" Ohio has a history of successful emcees. The range and style from the state is different with each of the mainstream artists coming from that region, showing that genuine artistry is a priority. The underground can often be littered with artists who don't stand out amongst their peers and with the saturation of the music industry it could be easy to overlook quality right under our noses.  This is not the case with the artist named Protagonist. He is an Ohio based rapper with strong cadence, a flow that is confident and comfortable on the microphone, and solid production that really drives the message of the lyrical content home.  You can find him on Respect The Underground radio and on popular playlists throughout the country. His featured track on RTU radio is "Tell Em What You Want". The track has an energy that is at the forefront, taking the listener through his content with a machine gun bar style interspersed with a refrain "Tell Em What You Want" that is powerful and breaks up the bars perfectly to keep the listeners attention.  His music is gritty, real and honest. The project he presents is a breath of fresh air as it is not hopping on existing waves or relying heavily on gimmicks. The era of hip hop might have forever changed in the last two decades but there are still artists who are writing, rapping and creating true to themself/honest projects. The production is complementary to the writing style and his ability rap at speed and then back down at a slower pace shows a familiarity with the process of recording, the ad-libs and hooks show a mastery in creating tracks that sound solid and are radio ready, hence the reason he is featured here on RTU radio. Check out Protagonist's music on the linktree below and listen to the entire album "Dynamic" below. 

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"Tell Em What You Want

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