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ProducedbyTyler drops his latest collab album "The Way I Dreamed It, Vol. 2"

We are in the era of the producer. From Metro Boomin to Murder Beatz and so many more, this is the time where a good portion of the limelight is now going to the people behind the switches and keys. Arizona Hip Hop has their own base of producers and DJs that craft some amazing music for talented artists in Arizona and all over the world to utilize as the foundation of their songs. One of these talented Arizona producers recently released an album that caught our attention. The Way I Dreamed It, Vol. 2 from ProducedbyTyler was recorded and produced at Sunset Studios in Mesa, Arizona. This 11-track album flows from beginning to end and acts as a calling card for ProducedByTyler as producer and engineer while signaling that he’s one of the more unique and talented producers in Arizona.

The album kicks off with “Shakira Wine” which plays like a dancehall jam and that tone informs the rest of the album. This song could easily fit into a weekend playlist next to Sean Paul or Vybz Kartel tracks. The vocal talents of Blk9 really shine through and the hook is very catchy. These talents also act as a bridge between the first two songs as Blk9 joins FRESCOTOLDYA for “Friday Night Party”. This also keeps the same vibe from the previous track while offering up a feel good track that could act as a soundtrack to carefree nights. That carefree feeling gets turned into a slow jam with the next song “Zone”. The music slows down and the smooth vocals signify this is time to address adult topics. The bars from D-Beezy Baby ride the beat with an up and down cadence that matches the content of the song while Kiid Tru sets the tone with a deep chorus and Dre Smuzic goes all in with some impactful notes and lyrical construction that really highlights his range.

The fourth song on the album is “777” which features E batt, strips away a lot from the music which allows the exhibition of lyrics and delivery stand out. While it’s a shorter song, it’s begs for a replay as the simplicity of the music and the passion of the lyrics balance out and leave you wanting more. MeechieGotBarz brings some hype with his delivery on the next track “Gary Payton” which sees the music take the low key approach like the previous track and gives this ode to cannabis a subtle way to turn up the intensity of the album. This song is easily a standout on the album and could be a fan favorite as more and more people listen.

Artwork by Andres

Blk9 is back to deliver and does it big with the next track “Slide”. The song plays contextually with the previous one but also hits on sonically established elements from earlier in the album. Having Blk9 featured on two tracks earlier on the album, which are decidedly different in content than this one, really shows the thought that went into making this album have a seamless flow while not being one dimensional. Another standout track is up next with “Randeveu” which Teek Hall, FRESCOTOLDYA, and Earth Yarb jump on and do it big. Teek uses his distinct voice to set the tone while the effervescent flows of FRESCOTOLDYA permeate the middle of the track and Earth Yarb serenades you on the way out. Blk9 and Kyle James linkup on the next track “What You Deserve”, a middle finger to someone that puts themselves on a pedestal. The bars are honest and offered up with an old school inspired delivery which fits the beat well as it doesn’t over complicate things, and for a track about such a real and universally applicable situation, it does wonders for the consumption of the content of the song.

D-Beezy Baby brings heat on the 9th track “Heavenly” which he uses to put racism and bigotry on blast. The power of his voice is enhanced by the atmospheric music ProducedByTyler created and it works the other way around as well. This track is powerful and emphatic and deserves a listen for more than a few reasons. Kyu the Legend, the Real Messori & King Life the Goat come together for the more unorthodox song on the album. Celebrating the lavish things in life while doing in on their own terms is the message. This message is delivered not just in the lyrics but the instrumental is so unique itself that it helps catapult that message further. The final track from ProducedByTyler is another stand out as it gives the synth laced music time to resonate before Blk9, Kyu the Legend, Earth Yarb & Kyle James collab to close out this amazing exhibition in showcasing your sound as a producer.

From love to lust and the parties and vibes that flow between the two, ProducedByTyler does a tremendous job of setting the tone of his album and doesn’t crowd the track list with songs or sounds that don’t flow with the established motifs and themes of the album. If you want a mixtape style project where the songs feel like a mashup of sounds that feel like singles thrown together to make an “album” then you should try something else. If you want a real album, something that has cohesion and fluidity, something that allows you truly get lost in the sound, this is the album for you.

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