ProducedByTyler Drops 3rd installment in Collab Series

Updated: Jan 28

The best part about making something great is continuing that legacy of greatness. We have been treated to some amazing collections throughout the decades. From Jay-Z to Lil Wayne to Migos, there have been some tremendous releases from artists showing how impactful an ongoing series of music can be. ProducedByTyler has given us two great albums in his The Way I Dreamed It series and the third installment is here. The first two releases feature a litany of talented independent artists telling their stories and limericks over ProducedByTyler's signature dance hall/reggae influenced musical fingerprints. The anthology celebrates the passionate things in life that ignite a desire to dream bigger. Does this third installment live up the expectations created by the first two? Let's find out.

"Spotlight Part 2", a song about about basking in the fruits of your labor, is the sequel to the intro track from The Way I Dreamed It (Vol. 1) and does what a great sequel should do, it builds on what made the first one work so well and takes the energy and turns it up just enough to push the artistic bounds but not enough to stray away from the core message or sound. Will Spliff brings his swagger laden flow to the table while Blk9 comes back to reprise his role. The two work well together as Blk9 has a track record of great work with ProducedByTyler and his inclusion in the intro leads itself easily to the next track where Blk9 shares the mic with D-Beezy Baby & 90sitcom on "Caroline". This track is a love song that struggles with a paramour that plays hot and cold. The smooth vibes are summed up well with two words from Blk9, "sugar and spice", because this song hits the feels like sweet comfort food. D-Beezy Baby brings his surfer-esque flow that rides the beat like a wave while 90sitcom demonstrates his storytelling skills that might get lost in his catchy cadence and attitude. Will Spliff and Blk9 are back together with the assistance of Felony Rio to deliver "Vacancy&quo