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Any genre of music can feel like its overly saturated with similar artists once it reaches the peak of public interest. Hip Hop has found itself caught in this predicament. New artists are popping up constantly but few have the sound or appeal to stand out amongst the steady stream of homogenized artists. Luckily, once in awhile, we get a new artist that doesn't come across like he is trying to ride the coattails of anyone else and has a unique sound that old and new heads can listen to. This artist is Ohpenmiind and his debut album "Peace Among Worlds" is just what you need if you are looking for Hip Hop music that stands out instead of blending in.

The album kicks off with an entirely Spanish intro, Sustancia/Apoyo, that hits with high quality drums and production while Ohpenmiind does his best to set the tone for the album with a melodic cadence and a deep dedication to his heritage. The deep vibes set up by the first track are doubled down on with the next song "Lead" and Ohpenmiind uses Spanish and English to tell his story of struggle. The instrumental here feels so warm and the delivery is honest and forthcoming. This is a highlight of the album for those that love story in Hip Hop music. "Platicas con Wilson" is another dual language track that feels like a smoke session zone out track that gets you to think while you bounce to the instrumental and the Spanish flow hits a high point on this track. The D. Carter produced "Sueno Americano" might be the best song on the entire album. The production is bass driven and allows the album to get deeper sonically and sucks the listener deeper into the story of Ohpenmiind while the lyrics portray his story that somehow feels like its speaking for all of those that struggle to get their version of the American Dream.

The album goes back to an almost purely Spanish track, "Never Lose Hope" and Erico adds to the track with his deep tones and impassioned delivery. The song shines as an inspirational anthem to those that need something when it all feels lost. The next track, "Jerarquia/WIO", is a dope track that can get you smoking or drinking a nice alcoholic beverage while you reminisce about your upbringing while Ohpenmiind delivers his Spanish/English lyrics with an aptly laidback flow. The album feels like a complete EP at this point and could easily be wrapped up but Ohpenmiind adds more layers to the album and only enhances the previous songs. Erico comes back for the next track, "Little Drew Interlude", and switches up his flow to English and demonstrates that he is not a one trick pony.

The sleeper track, "Seattle/Tonopah" is up next. This is the track that could be the breakout song from the album. The dark sounding instrumental is a great base for Ohpenmiind to do his best lyrical exhibition. The hook is infectious and the way the song switches up feels like a Travis Scott influenced composition with its duality and unique approach. The most personal song on the track "Padre Santo" is next up. Ohpenmiind tells of personal struggles and gives insight and praise to his father and his upbringing. If you only listened to one song on the album but wanted to know and understand where Ohpenmiind is coming from then this is the song you would want to hear. The line, "My father drank tequila right from the bottle, he didn't need a chaser/ That's the same guy that made me realize I couldn't fucking change her" shows how honest Ohpenmiind can while being lyrical and poetic. The outro is titled for its namesake and Ohpenmiind does what he did to introduce you to the album, recites his personal story with Spanish lyrics and emotion that can be felt through the speakers.

This album is a great intro into a new artist. The album isn't overly produced like some can be, thus taking away from the organic appeal of the art, Ohpenmiind crafted a project where his lyrics, personal story, and talent can all coexist. There is also minimal features which allows him to stand out on his debut and not either be overshadowed by someone else. This also helps fans get to know who Ohpenmiind is before they start to hear him pop in some of their favorite artists'' songs, which is highly likely with a debut like this. If you love Spanish language Hip Hop or just want something new we recommend that you check out "Peace Among Worlds" from Ohpenmiind today!

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