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This quarantine has us all going a bit stir crazy. One of the best things to come out of this temporary stay at home order has been the amount of great music that has gotten attention. The Weeknd went against his labels wishes and released his album After Hours to an amazing response that helped push him over the 1 billion streams mark on Spotify. Megan Thee Stallion and Drake have everyone dancing on Tik Tok and we just can't seem to get enough new artists to show off to our followers and friends. If you want something fresh to add to your quarantine playlist then we suggest checking out the latest track, from Ohpenmiind featuring Corey S., "Dias Modernos".

Ohpenmiind has maybe his best lyrical delivery ever on this track. Those that don't speak Spanish will still be able to appreciate his cadence and delivery. Even the composition of the song can be appreciated no matter what language you speak. The title also gives the listener some insight as the translation is "modern days" and thus creates an instant framework that helps you grasp its message more clearly.

For anyone familiar with Corey S. this song will make you say "Oy!" Those that don't will become instant fans that run to his bio and find out why "Oy" is the perfect expression when it comes to Corey S. His energy in undeniable on this track and his bars don't feel out of place as they aren't delivered in Spanish, instead Corey S. uses that to his advantage and incorporates the Spanish language into his verse in ways that both surprise and impress. He even switches his flow up effortlessly giving the track four versions of Corey S. and leaves you wanting more. This song is good but the addition of Corey S. makes this song great.

It is to see why this track received placement on the "Arizona Hip Hop" playlist from NuPlaylist. With so many of us turning to music as a way to escape or explore when we are limited in our options right now, "Dias Modernos" is a full of hype but grounded in intensity. Its closer to being on roller coaster than a hot air balloon, as Ohpenmiind and Corey S. craft a face paced journey through a realistically gritty world. This track is begging to be played while you're driving to the function with the squad, until then all we can do it hit replay.

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