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Notorious For Lyricism

The Southwest has a large pool of talent and whenever speaking about lyrical artists, there is one New Mexico artist who stands out that needs to be included in the greater conversation about hip hop in the region. He is a well known name in Albuquerque and continues to provide catchy, lyrical, and on point tracks with a cadence that is radio ready. Easily competition for any artist that wants to stand with him and go bar for bar.

His name is Notorious T and his last two projects Solidified and Infinity are both exercises in lyricism and reminders why cadence in contemporary hip hop is so important. In this era of hip hop where there are artists who do not rap on beat at all are hyped it is easy to forget that hip hop used to encompass a bravado, a cadence and a lyrical ability that was battle tested. This guy has creative tracks in each project that show his dominance in that arena and hip hop fans should be happy to see that modern hip hop doesn't have to be a war between the vibe only and the lyrical only crowd. Notorious T brings tracks with high replay value and he also has production that makes music to ride to, burn to and vibe out to. Catch his latest projects on Spotify and follow him on social media below!

by: Gabriel Barrio

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