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Nipsey Hussle Was Supposed To Play Snoop Dogg in "All Eyez On Me"

Benny Boom told media sources that the late Nipsey Hussle was the first choice to play Snoop Dogg in the film about Tupac's life. "We wanted him to play Snoop in All Eyez on Me, we didn't have any other person that we wanted to play him." The director said that Nipsey was contacted and asked if he would play the role but Nipsey couldn't find the time to make it to the set in Atlanta from L.A. Highilghting what everyone knew about Nipsey, he wouldn't let a single thing get in the way of his work within the community.

Nipsey Hussle Was Supposed To Play Snoop Dogg In "All Eyez on Me".

Nipsey was supposed to star in a new show from The CW titled All American next to Demetrius Shipp Jr, star of All Eyez on Me. Boom said the show will definitely feature a lot of scenes inspired by Nipsey Hussle to honor the memory and legacy of the fallen Hip Hop Icon.

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