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NBA Is shutting down all facilities tomorrow

Multiple sources are reporting, the NBA is closing all team training facilities tomorrow. Players are also banned from using gyms, public fitness centers, or college facilities in response to the current pandemic.

This basically means that if you're a superstar capable of having their own personal basketball court and gym at their home, and they do, will be fine. All the other players will find it almost impossible to train until the ban is lifted.

There is no current timetable for when the season could get back on schedule and this is another big delay in the process as players use facilities to stay in shape and get prepared for the season. Jared Dudley, forward for the Los Angeles Lakers, said that injuries will be a big worry when the league starts back up if things remain this way for an extended period of time.

"Realistically depends on how long we cant use our facilities...if we can’t train properly for a month or 2, an athlete would need at least a month starting from scratch..injuries would be the biggest it all depends on this lay off from our facilities."

Players have also been restricted from traveling abroad.

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