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Milrose Drops Best Track To Date With “Come Over”

Nothing cuts through like a love song. The ups and downs of life can melt away with the right musical and lyrical composition. Whichever side of the coin you find yourself on, heartbroken or lovesick, no one can deny the power of a great love song. Atlanta, GA artist Milrose contributed to the zeitgeist of love songs with his track “Come Over”. For lovers of Hip Hop its heavy with the 808 and deep with peppered Post Malone and XXXTentacion influences. For indie rock fans the words drive home the motifs and help anchor the song with lyrical substance.

Milrose crafts multiple melodies throughout the song and all of them are just as catchy as the hook if not more. Milrose could’ve easily written a hook set to any one of those melodies. The subject matter is universal, a man that needs a woman, but feels so personal with the emotion and subtle hints at some intimate moments. With lines like “So come over, we can go over, all the things going on in our heads” Milrose uses the perfect amount of exposition without being overtly sexual or feeling desperate to catch your attention. With soft, airy vocals to help carry the song to a close and never wasting a second of its three minute length the song ends way before you are ready. Don’t panic. Just hit replay. We did.

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