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Mic Myers & D. Carter Collab For #SOPHOENIXCHALLENGE

These challenges have found their home in Hip Hop with the rise of social media and our ability to share and disseminate music. To be sure this challenge where a rapper is to do their best at representing where they call home has definitely hit a high point and these two do a more than admirable job of representing Phoenix, Arizona with their ”SOPHOENIXCHALLENGE”.

Mic Myers delivers one of his most impactful and effortless efforts to date. He puts more unorthodox rhymes and personal insight into two minutes than most artists can put into two hours. If you ever doubted how much Mic Myers represents Phoenix, Arizona then you would be a converted believer after hearing this song. “Just Google me, I’m so Phoenix” is what Mic Myers dares you to do and you should if you needed any evidence to back up that claim. But don’t get it twisted, he doesn’t do what some might say is playing it safe and simply “getting the city behind him”, Mic Myers gets to his old aggressive ways. There’s a back and forth you haven’t quite seen from The Boogeyman before and it’s highlighted best when you look at his line “Your baby mama love me, I’m ‘Grade A’ bitch”. Right after that line he goes into a quicker multiple syllable rhyme scheme that gives a lot of personal insight.

“And everyday I level up”, truer words seem to have never been spoken after hearing D. Carter on this song. D. Carter is the most ready for the mainstream you’ve ever heard him on this song. He brings his best rapping mixed with his best cadences to the table. He represents his love for Phoenix and the love the city has for him by denouncing his need for a label. As long as he has his city he will be just fine. D. Carter’s R&B infused style mixes well with Mic Myers and his gritty approach and delivery. Mr. Carter uses his time to address his success and momentum in a way we haven’t heard from him before. He confronts naysayers and doubters alike with a brash and playful attitude. He cracks jokes and allows his earned confidence to take a stroll to wrap up his verse.

The point of these challenges are to highlight yourself while highlighting where you are from, where you live, where you call home. Mic Myers and D. Carter did that to perfection on this track. They represented why they are “So Phoenix” by displaying the essence of themselves as artists, delivering the best they had to offer while creatively pushing themselves further. #SOPHOENIXCHALLENGE

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