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Meg the Stallion Speaks on shooting incident w/ Tory Lanez

What’s the scoop?

By LenorMunster

As fans have now came to hear and read rapper Megan Thee Stallion has been shot. Following with the story of Rapper/Producer Tory Lanez being arrested on gun charges the same night. People have been speculating with questions unanswered. Did Tory shoot Megan? The answer is no!

Sunday, July 12, in the early morning of Los Angeles very own Hollywood Hills police were called out for a disturbance. With statements that there were two people arguing in a suv. The cops approach the suv with both Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez inside, as well as another unidentified woman. According to TMZ video the cops removed all parties from the suv unknowing the injuries Megan had endured. After searching the vehicle they then found the concealed weapon in the car. That later Tory was charged with a felony for. Tory was arrested and taken in on bond. But was released the same night nearly 2 hours later. With a court date in late October for the charge we know of nothing stating any involvement to Megan’s injuries.

Days later on July 15 Megan posted to ig stating she was never arrested and the news, posts, and stories had all been incorrect.

With no reports of gun shot wounds and only injuries of stepping on glass Megan reveled in the post that she was indeed shot. “I suffered from gunshot wounds, as a result of a crime that was committed against me and done to physically harm me.” With no word of who actually shot the shots towards Megan with intentions of hurting her are still unknown as well as any story leading up to the incident. Megan also stated that she underwent surgery to remove bullets and plans to return to music as soon as possible.

With prayers for a speedy recovery and a story solved myself and the RTU family will continue to follow the story and keep you all updated with news. Till then this story is brought to you with all love and peace.


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