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Meet NaturalDess At This years @AZHipHopFest

Hello beautiful people! My name is Destiny but I go by NaturalDess. I am an R&B singer to the core, but dabble in rap and pop too. Versatility is important to me.

I am from the Midwest and Illinois is home base. I’m what you’d call a half and half girl. I was born and raised half of my life in the city of Chicago, and then spent middle school into high school in the suburbs. I’m 22 years old and mixed with Black and Italian.

My first single and EP that I’m getting ready to release at the end of December is called “Sad Bxtch Diary.” It will consist of 4 songs that mix in poetry, subtle rap, and lofi/2000s R&B vibes. I wanted to give the listener the allusion that they’re reading straight out of my book of feelings because man... when I wrote each song on this project, I definitely was in them. “Sad Bxtch Diary” came together unexpectedly. I wrote each piece as separate, single songs with no project in mind besides the break up I was going through at the time.

For my listeners, not only do I want to give you the experiences I went through, but I also want you to feel as though I’m speaking directly to you and whatever situation you’re going through. When you listen, you will know that I understand hurt and that you’re not alone in any pain you’re feeling.

Music is a powerful drug that cannot only console you, but it can help heal. My EP is for anyone who’s had their heart broke, going through heartbreak, or will have their heart broken in the future (hint: everyone). It’s going to take you from the beginning of the end of the break up... to that weird enlightenment stage.

Lastly, I titled this project “Sad Bxtch Diary” because that’s exactly what I sound like on it- a sad a$$ bxtch haha. Being a sad bxtch isn’t fun at all, and nobody wants to be one... however, once and a while we all fall, and that’s okay. My EP allows you to go through the motions that must be taken in order to heal from a heartbreak.

“Sad Bxtch Diary” acknowledges the pain rather than ignore it, and acknowledgement is the most important part of getting over something. Moral to the story, never be ashamed of your pain because everyone will become a sad Bxtch at one point in their lifetime. Be you, do what you need to do, and heal. I hope you enjoy, happy listening! Stay natural.


IG: @naturaldessartist

Sound cloud: NaturalDess

YouTube: NaturalDess

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