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Meet Louis Galloway - @AZHIPHOPFEST 12.12.2020

Louis Galloway is a flashy lyrical gifted artist born in Chicago IL. From starting in a group to going independent. He has traveled across the states against all odds to join the home of some of the most talented Artist in the United States. Home of T.I, Gucci Mane, the Migos; Atlanta. While currently working on an EP called “Alternate”, Louis Galloway signed to Authentic Empire the home of Foogiano, Geezy Escobar, Euro Gotit; the list goes on. In only 6 months the drive Louis Galloway has shown from writing, producing his own beats and owning his own business brand Louis Galloway is the definition of hard work. Louis dropped his first single “Alternate” in the first 2 days streamed 4k on SoundCloud with absolutely no marketing behind him. Alternate is a story about an artist wanting to alternate his life from living in poverty and having nothing to having it all and getting everything he’s ever wanted. Latest single dropped by Louis Galloway is a promotional track called “Faucet” streaming at 10k on SoundCloud in 48 hours. Faucet follows the storyline of “Alternate” going on to show the same artist who now has it has the cars, money, the ice “Drippin like a faucet” at the rate Louis Galloway is going the sky is the limit for this young artist. With his drive his dedication there’s nothing this artist can’t do.

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