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Mally Mall Is doing His best to Help The Homeless During the coronavirus crisis

Mally Mall is trying to do his part to help the homeless in LA by making a large donation including items to help protect them from the virus that has turned into a pandemic, the Coronavirus. Mally Mall was seen with his crew at Skid Row Ministries in Los Angeles, a sprawling and heavily populated homeless area where they handed out bags containing items that will help in the next few days or weeks.

The supplies included clothes, toiletries, and other sanitizing type items. He was seen handing backpacks to people inside the church. He said while addressing the entire group, "ease the struggle of the less fortunate individuals living on Skid Row, stimulating hope and a presence of love and appreciation."

Mally Mall said if it gets worse, that he is currently working on a second wave of help while will give the homeless population a continued upper hand in the fight to stay safe during the outbreak of the virus.

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