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LOWFi Teases Upcoming Album With New EP Release, 'The Difference'

This month, LOWFi released their newest project, The Difference (EP) via Cinematic Music Group. The 3-track course reflects on nostalgia of the past and reminds us that there is a future to look forward to. Their last release dropped in May and sources say their upcoming full-length album, Legion could possibly arrive as early as the end of this year. Exclusive merchandise is expected to accompany the release, alongside a video for the standout track “Memory Lane.”

The sound of each song hints at the old-school feel of early 2000s hip hop. Hayelo, Jayy Grams, and Von Wilda's delivery updates the sound. "Structure wise, we like to play with it, it’s more than just doing a hook and a verse," Hayelo told in an earlier interview. "Sometimes we actually sit down and we all have this thought in our head that we didn’t have to speak about first. Then once someone says it, everybody else is like me to, me too."

The trio's debut album The Allegory, dropped back in 2018 with zero guest appearances. The project currently has over 1 Million streams across all platforms. With a few different rap subgenres filtered through a boom bap approach, LOWFi dares to tackle serious subjects in their lyrics and juxtaposes the heaviness of reality with witty humor. The purposeful contrast bridges some of the gap between "old head" hip hop purists and the new school. There's something for everyone in their catalog.

Click below to listen to The Difference, now available to stream and download on all major platforms.

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