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Tae Zu is a multi talented artist that has spent his time studying his craft. He likes to delve into the music headfirst and not only perfect his flow, his wordplay, his writing approach but also his attention to composition, his attention to the business end of the music industry and of course the coveted live show. This artist is an everyman type artist. He is someone who can talk craft, and different facets of hip hop but also just be a hip hop head that has an appreciation for other genres of music, for different avenues of art and expression. You can hear the influence in his work as his catalog does not stale and become repetitive.

His latest project LOK&KI is another step in the evolution of Tae Zu. From the cinematic intro of The Pass to the grimy east coast style production vibes from Doom Patrole he dances on the beat with his words and strikes the microphone with visceral descriptions and attacks.The production on this project blends with his words until the finished product is an even keeled hip hop track that isn't riding the trend wave of 808's and drill type hi hats, he creates music that is unapologetically him and because of that his music is always worth the listen and brings that high replay value. Tap into his latest body of work here! LOK&KI!

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