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LIFESTREAM PROJECT - A Digital Festival w/ a purpose

“Hey everyone! On behalf of ShaySova, Gestalt Theory and myself we would like to start off by saying thank you for taking out the time to read this. We are a couple of artists and friends coming together to use our voices and artistic abilities to create a global awareness livestream event.  As some of you may know, Child Sex Trafficking is a crime that forcefully exploits children to some of the most horrific crimes against humanity, this can include and unfortunately not forced labor, marriage, rape, torture, organ removal and eventually murder. It is so bad that it's now the 3rd most profitable business for organized crime - behind drugs and arms. It is also the fastest growing form of international crime - but it’s somehow still not talked about. So this is us talking about it, because Arizona is one of the top places these crimes take place. The goal of this 12+ hour Live stream is not only to raise awareness to this important issue but also donate to Operation Underground Railroad and their efforts to prevent these crimes from happening in the future.  Featuring performances by Kap Slap, Dabow, Crimson Child, De La Preme, DJ Dacey, DJ Complex, Sejo, Bert, Joseph Bills and so many more - we have everything from Dubstep to Spoken Word, Hip Hop to House we have everything you need to have a good time, an in addition to all of this entertainment we will also be home to some powerful moving guest speakers from Operation Underground Railroad.  Lastly, I’m honored to tell you that we will be streaming The LIFE Stream’s full event at Harkins at Tempe Marketplace LIVE! I’m honored to bring a whole way to witness music, that’s socially distanced and presented in the highest quality not only in audio but now on the BIG screen. A lot of people are scared to say something but there needs to be a voice of the unheard. This will be one of the most important events that us artists, innovators, and influencers will be apart of and not because of ticket sales but the impact it will have. So please help us by spreading  the word far and wide, to your best ability. Below I have links to the organization we will be donating to, and our individuals social media pages. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate.

Sincerely,  CHIIEF.

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