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Lebron Previews "Space Jam 2" Jersey on Taco Tuesday

Lebron James has interests outside of Basketball and its what many fans speculated had led him to wanting to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. One of those interests is acting and getting parts and roles in films. Lebron James is getting his chance to do so by starring in Space Jam 2 alongside everyone's favorite Looney Tunes characters.

James went to his Instagram story on Tuesday and posted a small teaser at the Space Jam 2 Toon Squad jersey, while also celebrating his favorite day, Taco Tuesday.

The preview seems to point out a colorful turquoise jersey and lends Lebron to show off his affable side. The crew around seemed shy in the video but overall in good spirits and happy to be on set with the NBA All-Star. Taco Tuesday is a big deal to Lebron James.

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