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League Vs League: Rap Battles Are Thriving With Competition

The year 2020 marks the 7th Anniversary of Universal Battle Realm’s presence in the west coast and southwest hip hop communities. The battle rap league has undergone a lot change since its inception but is increasing to develop an international audience, growing outside the regions notoriety. One such notable change is that many leagues and battlers outside the southwest are starting to want to work with UBR. Recently BOTZ (Battle of The Zae run by Dirtbag Dan of Grind Time fame and Ryne Watkins who is a notable heavy hitter on the BOTZ roster) and Universal Battle Realm put together an inter-league competition.

The battles took place half in the city of Albuquerque and half in the city of San Jose. The battles are being judged by Avocado of Ruin Your Day, Geechi Gotti, Hollow Da Don and others. So far this is the first major release which was judged in favor of Universal Battle Realm’s well known brand ambassador Rahney aka Redhat (a name he received from the show Ruin Your Day).

This is the first of many releases on both Universal Battle Realm’s channel and BOTZ’s channel. Weigh in with your thoughts on the vote and battle! The clip at the beginning of the battle is from a music video from artist/battler Grey Fox titled “True Colors” filmed by Ryne Watkins who also runs the podcast MuderVerse Radio.

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