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The entire coronavirus situation has everyone in a panic. Kodak Black is no different and Donald Trump is on his radar. The incarcerated rapper is trying to get the president's attention to help him get released from incarceration. On Sunday (April 26), Kodak Black posted on Instagram and asked for the current POTUS to visit him in jail.

“@lawronin, tell donald trump to pull-up on me, i got a brilliant idea,” he said in the post. "I thought of something back in miami but i dismissed it kuz i b thinking i’m crazy sometimes. This shit keeps following me tho! This an’t got nothing to do with my wrongful conviction, come see me i got my corona mask on @realdonaldtrump if it’s not worth anything you can kill me! I’m ill forreal.”

Kodak didn't say too much, but his “I’m ill forreal” statement could relate to the coronavirus. Inmates have been vocal about their concerns with being infected with COVID-19 in prison. Tekashi 6ix9ine was able to get released early due to the current pandemic and is enjoying his freedom four months earlier than once thought. 6ix9ine might be lucky when it comes to being released amongst his peers because other artists like YNW Melly and R. Kelly have had their requests for release either denied or overlooked.

quire about a musical project.

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