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Kirsin & Mic Myers Stir The Sauce On “Drippin”

“I ain’t never scared, you can dig my grave. Don’t say I drip, I melt in place.” That’s the kind of line in a song that when you hear it, you think, “I wish I thought of that!” You’ll wish you came up with the chorus for this song too. When you press play on “Drippin” from Kirisin and Mic Myers you will find yourself instantly entranced. With the hypnotic instrumental that utilizes soothing yet undoubtedly sullen vocals and drums that could make an apartment building shake, its classifiably unclassifiable. This balance of unique and palatable help it both fit right in with and also stand out amongst its contemporaries.

Deciding to play into the strengths of the beat, Kirsin and Mic Myers both deliver laidback flows initially while both doing their parts to uniquely play in the space the instrumental lends. Mic Myers is first up on the track and if you’ve heard him before you know his knack for unorthodox wordplay. If you look at specific lines like “Lava lamp with the wax flow, yeah you drip but I melt more” & “Wizard of Oz keep the bitches melting, wear a car note for my fucking belt kid”, that skillset is effectively highlighted. Kirsin does what he has been great at since becoming a successful solo artist and that is to never sound the same from track to track. His southern influenced cadence switches to a more aggressive flow without the two feeling even slightly disconnected. He sounds both accomplished and motivated and that’s right where you need to be if you wanna do more than drip. Adding small deep vocals to counter balance the soft twinkles in the beat really carry the song to a necessary replay as it ends like most really good songs, too soon for your liking.

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