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King Blizz - "Malicious" ft. J.Rob The Chief & Jared Anthony

The world can be cold. King Blizz doesn't seem bothered by it. His latest track "Malicious" is a manifesto of thriving self-reliance and acceptance that embraces the darkness in the world instead of running from it. The instrumental is a cold, guitar string driven piece of music that breaks through the speakers slowly and hits you the second you hear the beat drop.

King Blizz, a Native American rapper, hailing from the reservation in Northern Arizona, delivers what might be his best verse on a track and it's not only an exhibition in skillset but also an impactful verse that resonates with emotion. The entire time Blizz raps you can hear the determination and honesty in his voice. There is a sense of pride and accomplishment built from struggle and sacrifice that comes out. His rhyme schemes are full of alliterations that give even more depth to his verse. He even shows his respect for the heavy hitters of Arizona Hip Hop is on display with his line "And do it up like Bills do it, hit the Henny bottle and I #MAXOUT", a reference to Arizona Hip Hop artist Joseph Bills.

The incredible vocals talents of Canadian artist Jared Anthony on the hook might be the highlight of the song and to be fair, isn't that the point? You want that hook to do what it says it is going to do. Jared Anthony hooks you in. There are shades of Drake and Kid Cudi while having a unique voice that soothes while hyping. You can't teach that. J.Rob The Chief, a swiss army knife of talent, uses his arsenal of skills to great effect here and really anchors down the end of the song. The song carries a lot of momentum into J.Rob's verse and he does more than just carry that momentum, he controls it and does what so many artists struggle with, ending a great song on a great note.

Top-notch production is expected with artists like Jared Anthony and J.Rob The Chief but there is a little something special about the way this track comes across. The vocals and music and everything flow so smoothly with an almost undercurrent to them, that you don't notice, and about halfway through the first verse you feel a need to hit replay once the song is over.

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