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Kevin Hart Is Out Of Surgery & Recovering

Kevin Hart is out of surgery after a serious car accident in Los Angeles early Sunday morning.

TMZ says Hart was the passenger in his own vintage Plymouth Barracuda at the time the accident occurred. The driver, Jared Black, veered off the road and the car fell into a ditch 10 feet below. It went through a wooden fence before it came to a complete stop. Jared Black and his fiancée Rebecca Broxterman, had to be pried out of the vehicle by the fire department. Black was airlifted to UCLA Medical Center while Broxterman didn’t require any medical attention.

Hart’s bodyguard took Hart home to ”get medical treatment.” Hart’s condition was worse than they thought so he was taken to the hospital. Eniko, the wife of Kevin Hart, said Hart is going to be “fine” and told everyone his spirits are good. He’s expected to stay in the hospital for at least a couple of days while he recovers. Black is at the UCLA Medical Center as he recovers too.

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