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Kendrick Lamar Says New Music From Him Isn't Happening

J. Cole and Kendrick both faced the wrath of the internet and were both victims of the "cancel culture" but the efforts of those trying to end the reigns of these two heavyweights were a failure. The internet erupted with claims that Cole and Lamar hadn't contributed to the protests but people failed realized that both men had been on the front lines from almost the beginning. Now, the President of Top Dawg Entertainment, Kendrick's record label, says that its obvious people don't appreciate Kendrick or his contributions.

Someone asked Kendrick on his Bday to bring back the real and Punch responded bluntly. Check out his response below.

After this tweet people are very unsure about the future of Kendrick's music and when we might get some new sounds from the man who brought us classic album after classic album as of late.

This comes on the heels of hate that J. Cole faced following the release of his new song "Snow On Tha Bluff." On the track, he mentions Noname's recent social activity, disagreeing with her "queen-like" attitude and having accusations of misogyny for doing so.

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