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Kanye West & Sunday Service Choir Release “Jesus Is Born” On Christmas

Kanye West and his famous Sunday Service Choir are back together on his latest album, the appropriately titled Jesus Is BornIt is the the first official album for the Sunday Service Choir. “It’s just an idea we had to open up our hearts to make music that we felt was as pure and as positive as possible and just do it for an hour every Sunday, and have something where people can just come together and feel good with their families,” Kanye said in a press release. 

The album has 19 tracks including a remix of “Ultralight Beam”. It seems that this is the way Ye is headed with his music as Kanye has dedicated his life to Jesus. During an episode of Queen Radio a few months back, Nicki Minaj said that Kanye had told her he was a born-again Christian. Jesus Is King dropped in October. Check out the follow up album here.

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