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Jonny2Wavy Releases New Single, “Hands&Problems”

On April 20th, rising alternative  hip-hop artist Jonny2Wavy released his new single, “Hands&Problems”.

The song combines alternative vocals with an infectious hip-hop-influenced bassline and replayable chorus suited for any party.

“Ultimately, I want to make music that the ladies can twerk to, the dudes can mosh and head bang to, and those really going through their motions can go into the room, turn off all their lights, blare their headphones and let out a good cry. Music that is both lit, and cathartic. This track was a big turning point in my life. Mentally and musically. I was going through a depressive struggle unlike any I had before, and only adding fuel to the fire with a drinking problem. I think that is a huge thing with folks with depressive tendencies and addictive personalities.”

Johnny2Wavy is a producer/singer/songwriter and Atlanta native. Currently based in Phoenix, AZ, he’s known for his heartfelt songwriting, melodic vocals, and unique song structures. With an exciting blend of modern hip hop influence, “Hands&Problems” provides a unique perspective with an alternative feel and commercial quality.

“Hands&Problems” is available to stream and download on all platforms. Watch the video below!

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I just watched this a couple times... this is fucking rad. Well done


Good shit my dude. Thank you for posting your content.

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