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Jill Scott Gives Her Cucumber Challenge Advice

Jill Scott, The R&B singer/actress, has had just about enough of the #cucumberchallenge and decided to share her thoughts on Instagram this past weekend.

“Hey, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this for a minute,” she says in the video posted Sunday (July 14). “I have noticed the cucumber challenge. First, I just want to say the stage performance that you saw was a performance. I am an actor. It was a part of the journey of the evening.”

She then goes on to explain the dangers of such an activity. “You putting a cucumber down your throat benefits you, how? First of all, it’s not very sanitary. Secondly, it’s not a real person, it’s an inanimate object. Proving this, doing this will make things more challenging for you.”

Jill Scott had a video appear online where she performs provocatively in with a microphone. She doesn’t want her influence to be misconstrue. “Since the video that I did not want to come out or didn’t even know existed came out of that performance, it’s made things a little more challenging for me. This is your Auntie. I’m trying to tell you. Erase it or don’t do it.”

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