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JADAKISS: IGNATIUS pushed back to mourn POP Smoke

In three days March 6th we can all welcome the East Coast rapper, one third member of The LOX, and Ruff Rider to drop his fifth studio album “IGNATIUS” With a single most people missed back on January 31st. The sampled song “kisses to the sky” featuring Rick Ross and Emanny brings us back to the classic “Life After Death” album from the late Biggie Smalls. In which also was released in March of 1997. This wasn’t the original single that was released and fans were shocked to find that the single “Hunting Season” was not only removed from music platforms but completely removed from the album.

The original single was agreed to be take down while the album will be pushed back a week. Hunting Season was featuring good friend Pusha T who’s verse was referencing gun violence and metaphors of killing other rappers in the game. In that time frame is when the fatal shooting of rapper Pop Smoke has taken place. Push decided that he didn’t want to shed light around that type of lyrics and would rather it be removed in the wake  of Pop Smokes passing. It was then removes and  JADA decided to let the fan have some time to mourn before releasing the full album and pushed it back a week. Again we see this mutual respect and love in the rap game happening. This is a trend that has been passed due for years. In positive thoughts we can uplift help and praise your brother and sisters, friends, and family as we change the pain we been experiencing for some time now in hiphop. In closing we want to make sure we all remember together we are better and don’t need to be bitter. Rest In Power POP SMOKE continue to trust your process and I will continue to bring you the hype. LenorMunster

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