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Introducing Biltmore black. A veterans return

Lets cut right to it, who is Biltmore Black?

If I could sum Biltmore Black up in words they would be, hustler, thinker and a musical genius. Backed with 80 relevant records and only one solo video to this day. Which will be released on our social media pages and website tonight at 12am (MST)

What fuels your music?

Biltmore Black says that his passion and love for hip hop is what fuels his creativity. He’s a fan of the music. 

I asked him why he waited so long to come out with his solo project and he stated that “I’m finally ready.”

His motivation is to assist in putting his home state of Arizona on the map and use his music as a way to connecting with the youth. He says that he wants young people to know that the entertainment Business consist of more than just artists and athletes and his goal is to hire as many young people as possible to help launch Nu Renaissance Ent.  (See company logo below)

Tell us about your label?

“Nu Renaissance Ent is all about the youth. The songs I’m doing are from a young perspective, the people I’m seeking to be apart of this legacy are young, grounded, hardworking individuals. I want to give them all the.  resources they need to succeed in this industry”. 

With that said it would be only right to title his debut album The Book of Game, Young Hitters Edition. 

“I really studied the new culture of hip hop and I love it. I actually became a fan of several new artists. I think I connect so much with the youth because I’ve been through a lot of things that their going through. Some still to this day.” 

I wish everyone was as passionate about the hip hop and the youth as Biltmore is. Check him out at the social media links listed below

Facebook: @BiltmoreBlack

Biltmore Blacks lead single drops tonight at 12am (MST) #YoungHItter !!!!

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