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"I Am..." Is The Evolution Of Futuristic

Futuristic is known for being a wordsmith but his latest release I Am... dips deeper into song writing artistry and musical flexibility without sacrificing on the lyrical end. The entire project plays easily with no fillers. From the opening track "Call You Back" and its hypnotizing beat that Futuristic uses to craft a crooning chorus and bar eating verses. To the following track "Up" that takes the subtle smoothness of its predecessor and amps it up, no pun intended, allowing Futuristic a chance to shine as the melody crafted in the hook is subtly infectious. Two songs in and you can tell this album is meant to be taken seriously.

Vibes of Childish Gambino and Lupe Fiasco can be felt during certain moments on the album but the delivery and emotions are too unique to have it be anything more than pure inspiration or divine happenstance. "Top Ten" feat. gianni & kyle is a summer jam just waiting for clubs and radio stations. You also get to know Zachary Lewis a little better on songs like "Feel Again", "That's That" & "Untouchable" feat. Call Me Karizma where the deeper motivations and history of his life come to the forefront. The Hip Hop bar lovers get their fix with "Grape Kool-Aid" feat. Dax. The lovelorn get theirs as well with "Show Me Something Else" which plays like pre blow-up Trippie Redd yet highly refined. The songs that truly highlight the growth and layered talents of the Tempe, AZ based rapper might be "48 hours" and "Gravity is Fake" but with such depth to both its more of a dealer's choice scenario. The production on the album is more than impressive. Bolstered with BoyLord doing the heavy lifting while getting assists from LAKE INSPIRED, Kato, Levii Beats, and Sam Ock, the beats are unique but sync up harmoniously. There are certain albums that aren't only successful but they help an artist evolve. I Am... is the evolution of Futuristic and we cant wait for more.

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