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Wunna has officially hit number one and Gunna can't really enjoy that right now. The album gained a massive amount of streams which helped catapult it to success for the Drip or Drown artist.

Achieving your first No. 1 album as an artist should be one of the best moments in your life, but for Gunna the moment is tainted by injustice. The tragic death of George Floyd and it effect on the country has become much more important. On Sunday he took to twitter to share his feelings about his album reaching number 1 on the Billboard 200, “It’s hard celebrating a #1 album when the world is Hurting.”

He wanted to postpone the album's release, at first, due to the George Floyd protests occurring in Atlanta and nationwide. He posted a heartfelt message on Instagram which read, “I was goin to cancel it due to the circumstances of our country! But I also want to speak on it and didn’t kno how to start. I never saw my city like this ! I feel our pain I want to fight for our rights ! But I don’t want US To destroy our own communities! The police have been killing us for years and still are and we should come together around that cause! this live performance is for all the black lives lost to the hands of police murders. We will be sending all the funds raised here to the organizations that support the cause.”

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