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Go For The Gu$to•

A lot of people never attempt to live their dreams. Some can't imagine devoting as much time to a craft that would allow one to be a master. Some can't take the leap of faith that it takes to be a leader in their own life. Some don't believe in themselves enough. Others are too afraid to fail, and others wouldn't know what to do with success if it was in their grasp.

However, the fearlessness that an artist has to have to succeed is something that many hungry artists have. With veracity, with tenacity, and with dedication this artist goes for his goals with Gu$to•.

You can find Gu$to• on all streaming platforms. His debut project on all streaming platforms is self titled because what else would make sense for an artist that is all about that energy. This debut project is a variation of his existing Power Struggle EP. His project discusses real life topics and a narrative that is not unusual to the hip hop community but at the same time a powerful inspection of the life that we lead coming out of adversity and into the light. The genuine conversation about life and creativity is captured perfectly in this project. Some stand out tracks are The Plan, Life Limits, Rise and Reppin Duke. This album has a good replay value and you can keep up with the work and the visuals he is working on by following his social media profiles below. Keep an eye out for Gu$to• as he Rise!

by: Gabriel Barrio

Owner/Marketing Director

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