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Future’s Bodyguard Knocked Out With Sucker Punched In Ibiza

Future Hendrix took to Instagram to speak about his bodyguard getting sucker punched in Spain. “Basically these fake goons ask to suck my dick for a picture I toldem NOOOOO…apparently they get angry and do sum sucker shit,” he wrote. “I left the airport, they edit the video they filmed and sent it to blogs real real tuf guys …what they did to security I didn’t see period, I’m not a witness to anything…leave me out anything have to do with this incident.”

Video of the altercation showed a man hit the rapper’s security official with a right fist that knocked him out. The footage showed the bodyguard falling face-first onto the cement after being hit. The attacker’s face is easy to see as he flexes for the camera after the incident.

A source close to Future said the attack was racially motivated. The situation reportedly started when a group of ten people asked Future for a pic while he was walking through an airport terminal. When the rapper turned them down because he was exhausted, they were reported to have become upset and began shouting racial slurs.

The bodyguard was said to have fought with several men before he was hit with the sucker punch. Sources also say the attacker used an object to knock out the bodyguard, but the footage doesn’t show anything in the attacker’s hand.

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