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From The Outside Looking In: A Woman’s Point Of View

Whenever you accomplish something great there is bound to be someone who gets upset by it. Some people will try and discredit the success of others, hoping to create a bigger project by default by cutting down their achievements. As the 6th Annual Arizona Hip Hop Festival gets closer and closer the naysayers get more tense and vocal. Just the name of that event bothers them. It’s the 6th year in a row that they have probably wanted something or maybe someone to fail. A longtime supporter and trusted business professsional, Autumn Moss shared her thoughts about the festival in an impassioned post on Facebook. “Let’s start by saying that I am no one in the music scene here in Arizona.” she prefaced before saying “But what I am is a business professional and I look at situations from a potential growth and revenue standpoint.” She knows a thing or two about a successful business model and measures the festival with three metrics: community, network opportunity, and financial risk.

Looking into the community aspect goes far beyond the face to face interactions that are lacking these days. The impact from the Arizona Hip Hop Festival on the community is also a matter of bringing business to downtown Phoenix. Autumn Moss clarified why it’s such a big deal, “I know this firsthand in my profession that downtown businesses struggle a bit to stay competitive due to consumers buying habits. Events like this increases business of shops, restaurants, bars and B2C companies locally.” This is a huge benefit that every negative voice decides to ignore. “It strengthens relationships and opens the door to something new. A new experience, a new friend, new fan or maybe a new business partner“, she aptly states and most people see this as a huge catalyst for the sense community that has grown within the Arizona Hip Hop scene over the past few years. Arizona Hip Hop has come a long way. No longer is there a stigma attached to working with artists from outside of your network. A true sense of community had emerged and the Arizona Hip Hop Festival has been a huge reason for it.

Numbers don’t lie. People ignore facts so they can manufacture a different reality. When it comes to the Arizona Hip Hop Festival Justus Samuel has put up or shut up everyday over the past 6 years. Starting his day early, running up the mountainside and contemplating the massive undertaking that is putting on a festival while being a father, husband, and record label CEO. Autumn Moss didn’t take kindly to haters trying to discredit the festival and ignore its accomplishments and impact. She questioned the reasons behind such a jaded outlook, “Are you mad that you didn’t get a slot onstage? Are you in your feelers because you got hit with a dose of realization that you don’t really have a solid following to support you and your efforts?”. She probably hit the nail on the head with those question. She wrapped her thoughts on the matter by supporting the man that takes the biggest risks to make it happen, “The city supports Justus and his efforts with the Hip Hop Festival. Its unfortunate that some people feel the need to slander, insult, criticize and minimize this event. If you choose to not go, then cool, don’t fucking go. But quit spewing hate.” Well said Autumn.

For anyone that thinks they can put together an event this big then we are all waiting for you to do it and if youre not then one last piece of advice from Autumn Moss, “go put a diaper on and sit your ass in a corner somewhere and sulk.”

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