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P8tience is new to the Arizona desert but he isn't a stranger to a feast or famine terrain. Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, P8tience has put in two decades in Hip Hop and has an impressive list of accomplishments under his belt as a result. 6 projects, 4 continents, 10 countries, 100 cities and counting. This is the resume of a dedicated artist that has pushed themselves and their music to heights that very few achieve. When a Detroit legend like Obie Trice reaches out to have you open for him, its a huge feather in anyone's cap, but P8tience has proven through his longevity and impressive list of accomplishments that Obie Trice saw something special in the fellow Detroit native.

His catalog is filled with a cornucopia of bars and bangers. The Detroit influence is very apparent in the best ways possible. It says a lot when you can hear the legitimate influence of a region and be able to place an artist next to similar sounding ones without that artist sounding so similar that it comes across as emulative or copied. P8tience has an aggressive approach to his flow but it never seems like its being thrown at you with maximum force, instead it hits you front and back like a martial artist utilizing every movement and maximizing his impact.

P8tience enunciates with intent and uses his punchlines like stepping stones that take the listener on a journey to enlightenment. You can see when you look at tracks like "8 Ball" that touch on personal struggles that countless people can identify with, or " Wave" that celebrates hard work and dedication to your daily grind, or tracks like "KUHLERBLAHYND" and "MOMENT OF SILENCE" that speak boldly on issues that plague our society; P8tience is a versatile artist with a poignant message. P8tience has talent that ironically pulls you in with urgency.

His songs deliver messages that his wife and two kids can be proud of and that is a big deal to P8tience. When speaking to RTU Worldwide Radio, it's obvious that P8tience appreciates everyone else's way of making music but he wants to make music that his kids can listen to after he is gone. He doesn't judge anyone's else and their approach but knows that he prefers a social conscious approach to his music over other areas of preference throughout Hip Hop, summing it up with "It's got to come out a certain way with me. I'm not judging nobody else, but its got to make sense when I say it."

by: Steven Sandage

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