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Flying Taxi from Uber by 2023

Air Taxi from Uber will be in the air by 2023

The massively popular rideshare company is unveiling a brand new air taxi that they trust will be the next step in the evolution of travel. The company making the air taxi is Bell Helicopter and Uber has set a liftoff date of 2023. If you don't want to wait four years to see one for yourself you can head to downtown D.C. and check out the display model outside of the Reagan Building.

The process of getting an air taxi will be very similar to a normal ride request. Your driver will arrive and take you to a vertiport where the air taxi is located. After the air taxi takes you to another vertiport you can walk or request another ride to travel the rest of the way to your destination. The air taxi is completely automated and does not need a pilot to operate it. With five different companies developing air taxis for the company, Uber needs to develop an internal plans and systems developed before the next steps can be taken.

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I'm hype.

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