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EVERY WEEK we are working Anything else is TEMPORARY.

This is more than just a catch phrase. I am honored to sit down with these artists at THE BEST PLATFORM in AZ, maybe anywhere, Respect The Underground. Since i partnered with iKON radio and RTU my team and I have turned up. We intend to bring more flyers, more video clips, more promo for artists, point blank MORE CONTENT.

On FLOW3RS every Wednesday we play 99% AZ MUSIC for an hour or more. Mixed live with ultimate enthusiasm. We have already debuted GREAT SLAPS from many artists and are quickly becoming the mix show artists turn to and tune in to. My shows are built on the relationships i have acquired since moving to the valley. We support artists over here and are silly happy to do so.

Like an old southwest sanctuary for lost souls THE MISSION on Saturday mornings provides a comfortable space for artists to relax and talk about THEIR mission. We feature new artists, new sounds, new projects on the SATURDAY SPOTLIGHT which features a 15minute interview and music play.

The full length interviews featuring YOG WESTWOOD, JOSEPH BILLS, BRUC3 and many more, open the audience up to the mind of a creator. A longer interview mixed with the artists music to immerse yourself in their world.

The Mission will feature AZ artists and Brands. We give great promo to great brands like TruMED Dispensary, Nirvana Green Bakery and many others. We are here to serve the artists and the valley.

We hope you come along on our MISSION.

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