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FLOW3RS ooo4 AZ Exclusives

Really great show this week EXCLUSIVES from Smokie Dolla, JahLil, Antwanette, Dane Russell, Skruff Zona and many more. LOOK i LOVE playing new music, but i come buckets to play exclusive music other dj's don't have. BREAKING NEW SONGS is what it is and has always been. LUCKILY i really like these records so it makes my Wednesday show so fun. It really is an hour workout for you fat fucks out there if you tune in you may lose a lasagna or two while hearing the BEST in AZ MUSIC. We went to FACEBOOK today which lets you know i played almost an Hour of uninterrupted independent exclusive content. At FLOW3RS we are still looking for first second and third tier sponsors so there is plenty of room for supporters to get onboard [ $swervekirby on cash app ]

In all seriousness ARTISTS KEEP SENDING MUSIC to for airplay...Please label artists song name and project associated. Peace to @johnblaze and @justus as usual for the look.

AND THANKS TO DIVINE TRUTH an old friend for my shout out on KILLAH PRIEST"S NEW PODCAST...WOW. Time for bed Great day. The show is already up on my Mixcloud. Still up on FaceBook, and will drop with full video tomorrow on YouTube. Peace Peace

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