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Ex-Gang Member Raised $500K To Rebuild Compton, Denied By City Council

An ex-gang member from Compton raised $500K legally to help rebuild his hometown and was rejected by the city council. This might seem like a case of a poor proposal or maybe some legal red tape getting in the way. This is not the case. Chico Brown went to Aja Brown, the Mayor of Compton, and asked if she thought his plan was something that stood a chance of happening. He assembled former gang members that had experience in construction and they all decided to work as a team to make the community a better place. She told him that she thought it would and to write up the proposal.

The council members all voted it down. Tana McCoy, Isaac Galvan, and Janna Zurita said no to his proposal but Janna Zurita was caught on tape saying she voted against it because of her disdain for Mayor Brown. "Sometimes, it ain't what you do, it's who you know, she said. Janna Zurita was approached and asked about her comments and denies ever saying that but the proof is on the tape.

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