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Emmitt Dupree newly released one take N.F.L

The soaring need to make conscious music will never be out of style as artist” Emmitt Dupree” is living proof with his latest single “N.F.L” The young talent himself breaks down the abbreviation of “N.F.L” meaning “No Food Left” quite creative one would say. The artist is definitely relating a strong message to fans and listeners as he uses football terminology to interpret his message. For example, in the song “Emmitt Dupree” states “in the red zone I put my clicks on the clay and this pin is on the pad for a reason today, period” The lyrics are very intentional, real and raw. In addition, he also says, when “it’s” no food left, look “right” hard to look right” Definitely, we all can relate when things are not going right it’s hard to focus on anything else. In conclusion, “N.F.L” for all of one minute and fifty-eight seconds illustrated crazy world play with a strong concept. Keep your eyes open for “Emmitt Dupree” and follow his journey on all platforms. 

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