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Eminem Announces Free Access To Shade 45 & SiriusXM During Coronavirus Pandemic

The Center for Disease Control & Prevention said there are close to 375,000 cases of the Covid-19 virus in the United States and isolating at home more important than ever.  Listening to music has been one of the few things we can constantly do this self-quarantining period.

The list of celebrities doing their to help keeps growing. On April 7th, Eminem decided to go all in and announced a free subscription to his SiriusXM radio station Shade 45. In the caption announcing the access to fans Em said, “The @Shade45 crew can help keep you sane. Right now, you get Shade 45 for free, along with full @SIRIUSXM access!” As it is noted on the image, the deal will only be good until May 15th but that gives you plenty of time to soak up all of what Shade 45 brings to the table.

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That is dope. Big Up Em... Shout out to SWAY, DJ Wonder, Heather B, Mike Muse and Tracy G! Make sure your tuning in to Sway In The Morning. He also is doing BEDROOM BARS with Yomi Calloway (Daughter) on Instagram where you can go live and give it what you got ✊🏾

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